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Encore worked with the owners of the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival to outline the technical, social, and financial value of a solar array for the music venue and managed the groundbreaking project from concept to commissioning. The array, the country's first permanent solar facility for a music festival, began producing electricity on December 20, 2012 and will allow Bonnaroo to generate approximately one quarter of the festival's annual electric demand from a clean, renewable resource.

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Town of Hartford, Vermont Renewable Energy Development Partnership - Encore Redevelopment was awarded a contract with the Town of Hartford, Vermont to develop a third-party financed 500kW solar PV facility at the Town of Hartford Landfill.  Production from the array will address electrical consumption of town-owned infrastructure, resulting in significant electrical cost savings to the Town over the term of the net metering agreement as well as an annual lease payment for the land.

Chad Farrell provided a presentation entitled “Opportunities for Community Scale Solar Projects in Vermont” at the Vermont Community Energy & Climate Action Conference on December 1, 2012.  A link to the conference website can be found here:

The objective of the talk was to provide an overview of a number of different ownership and financing models to allow communities to benefit from investments in solar electric generation facilities. 

Chad Farrell was an invited panelist at the 2012 annual Vermont Planners Association Conference on October 26, 2012.  The panel session was entitled “Managing Renewables: How Can Communities be Involved in the Review Process for Renewable Energy Projects”.  A link to the conference website can be found here:

Chad Farrell will be participating in an October 26, 2012 panel discussion at the 2012 annual Vermont Planners Association conference entitled “Managing Renewables: How Can Communities be Involved in the Review Process for Renewable Energy Projects”.  A link to the conference website can be found here:

Chad Farrell was an invited speaker at the 2012 Renewable Energy Vermont annual conference on October 2, 2012.  Chad teamed up with Jeff Wolfe, founder and chairman of groSolar, to provide a presentation entitled “Developing Brownfields for Solar Electricity”.  A link to the conference website can be found here:

Chad Farrell provided a presentation on September 21, 2012 at the Vermont Environmental Consortium 12th Annual Meeting and Expo entitled “Feasibility Study Summary – Solar PV System at the Elizabeth Mine Superfund Site”.  A link to the conference website can be found here:

Encore Redevelopment is working with the Town of Bennington, Vermont to redevelop the capped and closed Bennington Landfill as a host site for a community scale solar array.  Encore will be coordinating the entire project under a turnkey project development agreement with the Town and will be responsible for securing project financing through our strategic finance partner, coordinating all required project permits and interconnection requirements, and overseeing the construction of the system.  The project will result in significant electrical cost savings for the Town of Bennington as well as annual lease payment for the site.

Encore Redevelopment was selected by the City of South Burlington to be the City’s Renewable Energy Partner.  Encore responded to a competitive, qualifications-based procurement process.  On July 20 the South Burlington Energy Committee voted to recommend Encore to be the City’s Renewable Energy Partner, and the City Council approved the partnership in August.  Encore has a previous working relationship with the City of South Burlington through its 150kW solar array located at the Farm at South Village.  This project was the first commercial group net metering project in the State of Vermont that involved unrelated companies and organizations, and Encore developed a net metering agreement for the project so that net metering credits from the array could be sold to the City under Vermont’s unique group net metering provision at below market cost to power city streetlights and sewer pump stations.

Encore Redevelopment, in collaboration with Wolfe Engineering, will provide technical support to the Vermont Environmental Consortium (VEC) in the form of a feasibility study related to the potential construction of a multi megawatt solar photovoltaic (PV) brownfield to brightfield array at the Elizabeth Mine Superfund Site in Strafford, Vermont. VEC received a $15,000 grant from Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS) to support the feasibility study work. To learn more, contact Chad Farrell via email or telephone.

Chad Farrell and Nick Richardson will be providing testimony to the State of Vermont House of Representatives' Natural Resources and Energy subcommittee regarding the next phase of Vermont's groundbreaking Standard Offer program for renewable energy development. The Standard Offer program created the first in the nation feed-in-tariff program for the rapid deployment of multiple sources of renewable energy, authorizing the construction of 50MW worth of clean renewable power and putting Vermont on the map as a leader in the rapidly developing and highly competitive clean energy economy. Encore's testimony will also include comment on the committee's work around codifying a procedure for property taxes related to renewable energy projects below 5MW in capacity.

Encore Redevelopment is pleased to announce the commissioning of solar arrays at two separate schools in the City of Burlington. The arrays, located at the Burlington High School and the C.P. Smith Elementary School, represent a total of 228kW of locally generated, clean, renewable energy. This project is the first installation of a package of solar PV projects coordinated by Encore Redevelopment in conjunction with the Burlington School Department and the Burlington Electric Department. As a result of a creative financing package, Encore Redevelopment is the proud owner of these two arrays.

Encore Redevelopment presented our Derby Line wind project to the State of Vermont Public Service Board during a pre-hearing conference on February 13, 2012. A public hearing on the project will take place on March 1, 2012 at the Derby Elementary School to provide additional information about the project to the local community.

Chad Farrell provided a presentation about farm-based renewable energy at the Northeast Organic Farming Association's annual winter conference on February 10, 2012. Chad's presentation offered insights around opportunities for farmers with both farm-owned and third-party financing models for renewable energy systems and provided examples of how many farmers are diversifying their income streams through investing in and/or hosting renewable energy systems on their land.

Encore Redevelopment was proud to co-host a Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR) networking get-together on January 18, 2012 at the Vermont Community Foundation's offices in Middlebury. To learn more about VBSR, visit VBSR's web site.

Encore Redevelopment provided project management services to support Green Mountain Power in the installation of a 100kW wind turbine at the Northlands Job Corps in Vergennes, Vermont. The turbine was commissioned on December 30, 2011 and is now producing clean, renewable energy. This project is the first installation of the Green Mountain Power & Northern Power Systems Community Wind Program. Green Mountain Power will own, operate, and maintain the Vermont-made Northern Power 100kW (the NPS 100) permanent magnet direct drive (PM/DD) distributed wind turbine on the Northlands Job Corps campus and donate 10% of the total power produced to Northland Job Corps in exchange for hosting the turbine.

Encore Redevelopment has developed a white paper regarding property taxes for wind projects below 5MW in Vermont.  Our research included an inventory of how numerous other states currently tax renewable energy projects.  A copy of the white paper can be found here.  There are currently no standards for property taxes for community scale projects in Vermont, and Encore has been working with the Vermont Department of Public Service, the Vermont Department of Taxes and Renewable Energy Vermont to develop standards to assist in moving renewable energy projects forward with a fair and equitable process with which these projects can be valued for taxation purposes. 

A groundbreaking ceremony for the Acorn Energy Cooperative 150kW community solar PV project was held on November 7, 2011 in Middlebury, Vermont.  Acorn Energy, in partnership with Co-operative Insurance Companies is constructing a ground-mounted 149kW fixed panel solar PV array on municipally-owned property in Middlebury, VT.  The property, a vacant former wastewater treatment plant, is unsuitable for other uses and not visible from most vantage points within the community.  Encore is assisting Acorn Energy with project development and management activities to move the overall project from conception to completion, and Real Goods Solar, formerly Alteris Renewables, is installing the system.  The project is the first project of its kind in Vermont, a cooperative group net-metered renewable energy system developed through collaboration between cooperative businesses and a municipality. 

Chad Farrell participated on a panel of experts at the Renewable Energy Vermont Fall 2011 Conference on October 12, 2011 in Burlington, Vermont.  The panel session, titled “New Financing Tools (Incentives, PPAs, Tax Credits, Loans)”, was designed to communicate the latest trends and practices around the financing of renewable energy projects in Vermont and beyond.  The REV fall conference was attended by over 800 professionals actively engaged in helping to advance the rapidly expanding clean energy economy in Vermont.

After nearly 3 years, we are sad to report that Hannah Munger has left Encore Redevelopment to pursue a career in the marketing and advertising world.  Hannah has been a tremendous asset to Encore during our early days and brought to her project coordinator position a solid combination of high standards, strong organizational skills, and a tremendous degree of emotional intelligence.  We wish her the best in her endeavors, wherever they may take her.

Green Mountain Power announced today that Northlands Job Corps of Vergennes has been chosen to be the host of the first wind turbine installation of the Green Mountain Power & Northern Power Systems Community Wind Partnership. Green Mountain Power will own, operate, and maintain a Vermont-made Northern Power 100kW (the NPS 100) permanent magnet direct drive (PM/DD) community wind turbine on the Northland Job Corps campus. The NPS 100 turbine is ideal for integration in a community setting for local, distributed energy generation. To learn more about this project, check out the press release here.

On Tuesday, September 20, representatives from Encore Redevelopment will be presenting in Derby at the Town of Derby Select Board Meeting regarding the Derby Line Wind project. The meeting begins at 6:30 and is located at the Derby Line Community Center. For more information, feel free to contact us at 802-861-3023.

Update: this meeting has been mentioned in various periodicals in the Northeast Kingdom. We have links and copies on our blog.

Derby Line Wind project in the news!  Check out the Orleans County Record's piece about our community-scale wind project in Derby Line, Vermont.

Encore Redevelopment has teamed up with Green Mountain Power and Northern Power Systems to develop a community-scale, 100kW wind project at a Green Mountain Power customer site in Vergennes, Vermont. On Global Wind Day this year, June 15, 2011, Green Mountain Power customers were invited to enter a contest to become the host site for a Vermont-made, Northern Power Systems’ 100kW permanent magnet direct drive turbine that will be completely owned, operated, and maintained by Green Mountain Power. This project will be group net metered, with the host customer receiving 10% of the energy generated from the turbine.  Stay tuned to hear about the selected host site!

On Wednesday, August 24, from 11:00 am to 11:30 am, learn about exciting renewable energy opportunities for you and/or your business by attending Encore’s webinar through the Vermont Chamber of CommerceRegister soon, as spaces will fill quickly!  Feel free to contact us or Chris Carrigan at the Chamber with any questions.

In the News: Encore and partners Alteris Renewables, Northern Power Systems, and BlueWave Capital were featured in a few periodicals in the North East Kingdom regarding our Derby Line Wind project.  Check out the articles on the following websites: The Newport Daily Express, The Caledonian Record, The Orleans County Record.

News has spread through New England as the week has progressed and different news hubs have picked up the story.  Links to these articles are on our blog

For more information about the Derby Line Wind project, we have prepared a Frequently Asked Questions document that addresses details of the project and provides an introduction to wind power.

Encore welcomes our summer intern, Matt Andon! Read more about Matt on our Team page.

Encore's office building, 110 Main, has gone solar!  Check out our blog for more details.

Encore is currently working with the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival to develop a renewable energy system that will address the large-scale energy demand that occurs during the weekend of the festival in the most environmentally benign and cost effective manner possible.  Encore’s goal is to develop a system that will address Bonnaroo’s greening goals and assist in the continuation of the Festival's efforts to allow sustainability to become as integral to the Bonnaroo experience as the music, art and fans.  Check out some of Bonnaroo's other Greening Partners!

Encore Redevelopment and PV Solar Associates, in conjunction with Farrington Construction and Benoit Electric, have developed, designed, permitted and installed a 15.1 kW net-metered roof mounted solar array for Avonda Air Systems at their facility located at 1879 Williston Road in South Burlington.   The installation consists of 72 panels and will be owned and operated by Avonda Air Systems. The expected annual output for the system is 17,000 kilowatt hours, which will offset all of the electric power consumed by their sheet metal fabrication facility, making Avonda Air Systems the first solar powered fabrication shop in Vermont.   Encore Redevelopment assisted Avonda Air Systems in maximizing the benefits of available Federal and Vermont investment tax credits, as well as the on-going Green Mountain Power solar incentive program, SolarGMP, to maximize financial returns associated with the project.

Encore and the Farm at South Village are pleased to announce that Governor Peter Shumlin will sign Vermont's 2011 Omnibus Energy Bill, H.56, at South Village Community on May 25, 2011.  Encore actively worked with Renewable Energy Vermont on legislative initiatives that support H.56.  May 25 also marks the commissioning of the 150 kW solar PV array that Encore Redevelopment developed with the Farm at South Village.  The array will provide carbon-free electricity for 100% of the Farm at South Village and South Village Community's energy consumption needs.  The array will also provide clean energy to the City of South Burlington for the City's traffic lights.

Read more about the event in the news on the Vermont Business Magazine's website.

Chad Farrell wrote a My Turn piece titled “Support clean energy economy” that ran in the Burlington Free Press on April 20.  Chad discusses the importance of supporting the clean energy sector (both on a local and national scale) and urges Vermonters to do so by indicating their backing of this year’s energy bill, H.56, to local representatives and senators. The article can be found in the Opinion section or online here.

We are proud to welcome a new addition to our team: Nick Richardson will serve as Director of Operations for Encore.  Check out our Team page to read more about Nick. 

Chad Farrell will be presenting at the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce's Interactive Workshop Series titled, "Renewable Energy Tax Credits: Just How Does It Work?" on Thursday, March 31, 2011 at the Chamber's offices (60 Main Street in Burlington).  Chad's presentation, "The Benefits of Investing in Renewable Energy," runs from 8 am to 10 am.  For more information and to register, please visit the Chamber's Calendar of Events.

Chad Farrell will be speaking at the upcoming Good Jobs, Green Jobs convention in Washington D.C on February 8 and 9.  Chad and the panel will be addressing the opportunities presented by thousands of former industrial sites nationwide for renewable energy development and the economic impacts that such development would create.  Good Jobs, Green Jobs is the nation’s leading forum sharing ideas and strategies to build a green economy that creates good jobs, reduces global warming and confronts other environmental problems, and preserves America’s economic and environmental security.

On Friday, January 28, Chad Farrell joined other renewable energy developers who are also members of Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) and testified before the House Natural Resources and Energy Committee in Montpelier.  Chad and others advocated for the expansion of Vermont’s successful net metering program, a program that allows Vermont rate-payers to generate their own power using renewable energy systems and feed their excess power back to the utilities - effectively running their meters backwards.  The testimony spoke to the statewide job creation and renewable energy generation from the net metering program - all at no cost to the state.

Chad will also be participating in REV's legislative committee which is working hard to improve policies related to the deployment of renewable energy generation in Vermont.  Click here to learn about REV's 2011 Legislative Agenda.

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