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Development of Community Scale Wind Energy Project: Derby Line, VT: Encore Redevelopment is developing two separate wind turbine projects on working dairy farms in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. The sites are located adjacent to each other and have highly favorable wind regimes for wind generation facilities. A combination of geographical factors and state legislation establishing the nation's first renewable energy Feed-in Tariff through Vermont's Sustainably Priced Energy Enterprise Development (SPEED) program makes this project quite favorable for investment. This project is the first wind project to go through the SPEED program. Encore is currently working with the community of Derby Line and various investors to design, permit and construct the projects, with an estimated project completion date of Q4 2012. More information regarding this project can be found on the Resources page of our web site.

Development of Solar PV Array for Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Manchester, TN:
Encore Redevelopment is working with festival organizers for the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival to analyze, develop, and construct a solar PV array at the festival site that will provide a significant percentage of the electric demand for the festival through a clean, renewable energy source. Encore completed a feasibility study in July 2011 and is currently working with festival organizers to design, permit and complete construction of the array in Q3 2012.

Development of Solar PV Array for National Life Group, Montpelier, VT:

Encore Redevelopment is working with executives at the National Life Group, a billion dollar insurance company that happens to be one of the biggest energy users in the State of Vermont. Encore is working with the facilities team in Montpelier to analyze, develop, and construct a solar PV array on their campus. Encore completed a feasibility study in June 2011, recommending construction of a 150kW array in 2011, followed by the installation of additional panels in coming years to total 427kW, which would allow the maximum 500kW of net metering capacity in consideration of National Life Group’s existing 73kW system.

Farm Energy Venture Fund, Various Locations:

Encore Redevelopment is developing a program to provide a private investment opportunity through the construction of renewable energy systems on farms.  The objective of the program is to help farms make the transition to sustainable agricultural practices through conversion of on-farm energy systems to renewable energy at lower cost and with less environmental impacts through participation in power purchase agreements with third party ownership entities. Encore is responsible for all aspects of project development and management for this effort, including financial modeling, system design, grant applications, permitting, procurement, project management and financing. Technologies include solar, wind and farm-based methane biodigesters.

Completed on time and under budget:

Development of Solar PV Arrays on Burlington Schools, Burlington, VT: Encore Redevelopment recently commissioned ~230kW of solar PV on Burlington School roofs associated with the Burlington High School and the CP Smith Elementary School. Encore coordinated all aspects of this project including permitting, design, financing, installation and community outreach for what will be a highly visible project in the State of Vermont. Working with strategic financial and clean energy advocacy partners, Encore developed a unique project financial model that allows Encore to maintain ownership of these arrays, with significant benefits being passed along to the City of Burlington School Department and municipal electric department. Total economic benefit to the City of Burlington is estimated at greater than $300,000 over the life of the project.

Development of Community Scale Wind Energy Project, Vergennes, VT:
Encore Redevelopment worked with Green Mountain Power and Northern Power Systems to design, permit and construct a 100kW wind project at the Northland Job Corps campus in Vergennes, Vermont.  The turbine was commissioned on December 30, 2011 and is now producing clean, renewable energy from Northern Power Systems’ 100kW permanent magnet direct drive turbine.  The turbine will be completely owned, operated, and maintained by Green Mountain Power, with the Northland Job Corps receiving 10% of the energy generated from the turbine in exchange for hosting the turbine. 

Development of Community Scale Solar PV Project, Middlebury, VT:
Encore Redevelopment provided turnkey project development services to the Acorn Energy Cooperative for a 149kW ground-mounted solar PV array that will be located on municipally-owned brownfield property.  This project was the first of its kind in Vermont and involved an innovative collaboration between cooperatives, demonstrating how engaged citizens can work with both their town and an anchor business entity to create a viable public-private partnership to promote local, distributed renewable energy.  This project took advantage of recent changes to Vermont’s energy legislation that Encore helped to shape, which improves the rates at which all utilities will credit for small-scale net metering projects and provides a more effective approach for the accounting of energy credits associated with group net metering projects.

Evaluation of Potential Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy Initiatives, Milton Family Practice, Milton, VT:
Encore Redevelopment coordinated a detailed energy efficiency and alternative energy evaluation for the Milton Family Practice facility associated with Fletcher Allen Health Care (FAHC), the largest health care organization in Vermont.  The scope of work for this project included the following: 1) a full carbon footprint analysis and presentation of strategies for attaining carbon neutrality; 2) an energy conservation and efficiency evaluation to establish an energy use profile and help identify the areas with greatest potential for investment; 3) a renewable energy opportunity assessment to determine the most effective renewable energy technologies for the Site; and 4) a detailed feasibility study to address all financial, technical, permitting and scheduling issues associated with the project prior to engaging a general contractor and/or integrator for system design and construction.  Specifically, Encore evaluated the financial viability of both a FAHC-owned investment and as a third party, investor owned system with eventual FAHC purchase of a depreciated asset. 

The objective of this work was to provide FAHC with a quantification of the environmental as well as economic benefits of an investment in energy efficiency and alternative energy for the Milton Family Practice facility. 

Development of Net Metered Solar PV Array, Farm at South Village, South Burlington, VT:
Encore Redevelopment provided turnkey project development and management services for the installation of a 150kW solar PV array at the Farm at South Village to take advantage of the Vermont Group Net Metering Program and various grants, incentives and tax credits. This project was the first commercial group net metering project in the State of Vermont that involved unrelated companies and organizations. The array was commissioned on May 25, 2011, by Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin who also signed H.56, the Vermont Energy Act of 2011 at the commissioning event. The system was installed to support an organic farming operation with a membership CSA, wholesale production and refrigerated storage and distribution whose mission is to integrate food and energy production within a new urbanist sustainable community. Encore developed a net metering agreement for the project so that additional output from the system could be sold to the City of South Burlington under Vermont’s unique group net metering provision at below market cost to power city streetlights and sewer pump stations.

Solar PV Project for Massachusetts School, Lexington, MA:

Encore Redevelopment provided a feasibility study for a 40kW roof-mounted solar PV array for a private school in Lexington, Massachusetts to take advantage of solar renewable energy credits (S-RECs) offered by the Massachusetts Solar Carveout program. Encore developed investor materials including financial proformas and summary memoranda and for advising project investors as to the financial benefits of an investment in the project. The project is expected to be constructed by Q4 2011.

Net Metered Solar PV Array, Burlington, Vermont:

Encore Redevelopment and PV Solar Associates, both of Burlington, have developed, designed and installed a 40 kW net-metered roof mounted solar array for Select Design at their Flynn Avenue facilities in Burlington. The array is located on the saw-tooth roof of the northern side of the building, hosting ideal south sloping roof space. The installation consists of 180 Trina panels and will be owned and operated by Select Design. The expected output for the system is ~43,000 kWh which is enough electricity to supply 11% of their average annual electrical consumption.  The Select Design installation is Burlington’s largest PV array, and Burlington Electric Department’s installed capacity of solar PV more than doubled when the system went live on October 5, 2010.

Assistance with Securing ARRA Funding, Oversight of Energy Efficiency Initiatives and Performance of Feasibility Studies for Renewable Energy Generation, Various Locations, Vermont:

Encore Redevelopment assisted three economically challenged and under-resourced communities with securing funding under the US Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Program in 2009. The combined value of the grants awarded to these communities was ~$150,000.


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